My true passion is working with children and watching their minds and bodies thrive, as they grow and learn.

Jennifer Gray

About Us

Children that have a disability should be afforded the same type of resources as a typical child; it’s just a matter of finding those resources. Parents of special needs children are all fighting the same constant fight and that is to find quality care. Their frustration has become my inspiration: to create an online community that matches parents with quality resources, all in one place.

I launched SpecialCare4SpecialKids with a mission to create a community of support and guidance for parents and caregivers. My hope is that SpecialCare4SpecialKids will provide everything, all under one roof. Whether you are looking for medical, recreation or therapies, our team of professionals have taken the guess work out of your search.

Raised in Oklahoma and now a California resident I have a mixed background of working in the corporate world as well as working as an educator with children. I come from a long line of educators, with a mother that was a special education teacher. I have very close friends that have children with special needs and various disabilities.

Children that have special needs require a different type of care, most people don’t realize what a challenge that can pose. I’ve watched parents struggle to find that appropriate care and activities for their children. Disabilities do not discriminate, they do not care about your income, education level, or where you live. 


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